These Puppies Are Breaking Up With You

Need to break up with your significant other and want to do it gently? Send them this.

2. This is tough to say…

3. But the person that sent you these puppies wants to break up.

4. You might be pretty shocked to be getting this news.

5. I’m sorry.

6. These puppies are sorry.

7. Your soon-to-be ex is sorry.

8. No one planned for it to happen this way.

9. It’s just that, well, you’ve been growing apart lately.

10. You want different things. (And that’s okay.)

11. You’ve felt it, too. Admit it.

12. This might be tough. So take comfort in your friends and family.

13. This puppy and your now-ex want you to be happy.

14. Things might seem messy now, but it’s gonna be okay.

15. Try to think positive.

16. Now you can finally do all those things you never had time for.

17. And those things that annoyed you about your ex? You don’t have to worry about them anymore.

18. See? This isn’t all bad.

19. You’re gonna come through this stronger than ever.

20. You’ll move on.

21. It’s for the best.

22. Now, this has probably been rough on you. So here is a bonus puppy:

23. Good luck.

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