10 Cats Who Saw What You Did During Spring Break

They are very concerned about your life choices.

1. 1. This cat saw you throw up into your bathing suit.

2. 2. This cat saw you drink nine Tequila Sunrises and pass out on the beach.

3. 3. This cat saw who you hooked up with.

4. 4. This cat saw you fondle yourself during Señor Frog’s foam party.

5. 5. This cat watched you eat fifteen tacos in one sitting.

6. 6. This cat saw you hit on the cop that was arresting you for public intoxication.

7. 7. This cat saw you pay that cab driver with all nickels.

8. 8. This cat saw you win that wet T-shirt contest.

9. 9. This cat saw you cry on the bathroom floor at the club.

10. 10. This kitten saw you pee your pants in the hotel lobby.

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