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    Updated on Jul 16, 2019. Posted on Dec 8, 2016

    Upcycle Your Old Candle Jars Into This Clever Makeup Organizer

    Because waste is just a lack of imagination...

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    Emily Shwake / Nifty / Buzzfeed

    The day has come. You've reached the tragic end of your favorite candle's illustrious career.


    It no longer smells like fresh linens or moonlit gardens.

    Now, it is sad and goopy. The sides are stained by smoke and the wicks are stubs.

    Nifty / Buzzfeed

    But you are a craft connoisseur and nothing gets thrown out on your watch.

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    Here's how to give ~new life~ to your burned out candles:

    1. First, you'll need to get the wax out without scratching up the glass. Stick your candles in the freezer for at least an hour.

    Nifty / Buzzfeed

    The more wax left in the candle, the longer it needs to freeze. Leave it in overnight and it will definitely be ready to go by morning.

    2. Jiggle a butter knife around the edges of the wax, and it should pop right out.

    Buzzfeed / Nifty

    If it doesn't, use your knife to break the wax into smaller pieces. It should still come out without leaving much behind. If not, stick in back into the freezer for another hour or so and try again.

    3. Rip off the label (if you want to!)

    Nifty / Buzzfeed

    Sidenote: if you want a candle that smells like your state, get one here for $29.95 from BuzzFeed's Homesick Candles.

    4. Clean out all the extra ~residue~ with warm water and the scrubby side of your sponge.

    Nifty / Buzzfeed

    Once your jars are clean, using them to organize your bathroom is a piece of cake.


    Organize your entire bathroom by making this super simple pyramid organizer.

    Nifty / Buzzfeed

    Turn up the hot glue gun and make two thin lines on each cup where it will be touching the others. Stack them gently and try not to smear the glue. Each time you glue a cup, give it a minute for the glue to cool before adding another. Keep in mind that you'll need six candles of the same size for this to work.

    The pyramids weren't built in a day, but this masterpiece was.

    Nifty / Buzzfeed

    Fill the empty jars with pearls, beads, rice, or coffee beans for a decorative way to store your makeup brushes.

    Nifty / Buzzfeed

    Or your paintbrushes, or your toothbrush.

    Check out the full video here.

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