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19 Secrets Food Delivery People Will Never Tell You


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Ever wanted to know what was going on in the heads of the bikers who deliver your Chinese noodles at 11:30 p.m.?

BuzzFeed France asked one of these delivery drivers, who wished to remain anonymous, to share his secrets.

1. It's no picnic.

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All we do is wander around town on a bicycle watching the time pass. It's rather ~athletic~.

2. At the same time, it's not super hard to be recruited.

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It's true, all you really need to know is how to pedal a bicycle.

3. All of us know each other.

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Regardless of the delivery service we work for, we recognize each other on the street and say hello when the opportunity arises.

4. We're not really used to receiving tips.

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And we would love that to be otherwise.

5. But when it happens, it is usually because we've been sent to the right place at the right time.

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It all depends on the area we're working in. Let's just say that some neighborhoods are more keen on tips than others...

6. Yes, sometimes we drop your food.

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In the best-case scenario, inside our bag. Sometimes on the ground. We're sorry.

7. But we also have to wait 1,000 years for you to open your door.

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We have to stand there waiting for you, but if it were up to us, we'd leave your food on your doorstep.

8. Almost all of us do delivery just to make some extra money on the side.

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9. But some of us are in it for the cycling.

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You will recognize those who fall into that category easily: the only ones among us who wear Lycra leggings.

10. We are also not all students.

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11. But it's definitely almost all guys.

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12. Yes, we are forced to wear ugly uniforms.

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If it were up to us, we would wear something else.

13. And yes, sometimes we judge your food choices.

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Two pizzas? Just one person? OK. *sips tea*

14. We are paid a bit better when we make deliveries during a downpour.

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But hey, it depends on what our employer considers a downpour. And it also depends on the company we work for: Some compensate us based on the duration of the storm, others on the amount of rainfall.

15. Sometimes we deliver to celebrities.

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Spoiler alert: They don't necessarily give bigger tips than other people.

16. We are never super happy to be sent to the top of a hill two minutes before the end of our shift.

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Or even in the middle of our shit, in fact. Please understand we're on a bike.

17. We begin to get to know the restaurant owners in our neighborhood.

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And they are not always very pleasant. 🙁

18. And for some reason, there are people out there who just don't understand what we're doing on a bike, in the rain, with a bag the size of a baby elephant.

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"Ah, so you deliver restaurant dishes to people's houses? And that works out well?"

19. Sometimes, we're literally paid to do nothing.

When we don't have any deliveries, we just wait around at our unofficial ~meeting place~. Usually, we just end up getting paid to wait around, like when the order isn't ready, or when you've decided to take advantage of our patience. ¯\_(ツ)_ /¯

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