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Creative Photography By Linus Lohoff

Linus Lohoff was born in Germany in 1985 and is studying communication design at the University of Apllied Sciences Düsseldorf/Germany. He was making an abroad year in Barcelona at BAU - Escola Superior de Disseny which influences him very much.

Creative Photography By Nick Meek

Nick Meek studied photography in Leeds, West Yorkshire before spending a brief period as assistant to a London/New York-based advertising photographer. An avid traveler, Meek spent the following few years traveling the world and building a solid portfolio of landscapes and still life studies.

Photography By Andreas Gursky

Andreas Gursky is a German visual artist known for his large format architecture and landscape color photographs, often employing a high point of view. Rhein II, an image by Gursky, fetched $4.3m (£2.7m) at Christie's, New York on November 8, 2011, becoming the most expensive photograph ever sold.

Creative Photography by Remix Studio Bangkok

Remix Studio Bangkok has been established in 1988. We’ve produced scores of advertisement printing and some of the TV commercial. Currently, we’re producing our production with 2 photographers, 2 shooting studios, 4 of digital imagers running for computer retouching and more than 20 production crews.

Creative Photography by Michael Graf

Michael Graf was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Photography has taken him all over the world to such locations as Togo, Benin, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Japan, throughout Europe and the U.S.A.