23 Things All Female Athletes Have Experienced

Yes, there IS a women’s World Cup.

1. That time your gender was indistinguishable.

Warner Bros. Family Entertainment / Via blogdailyherald.com

And you were pretty okay with it.

2. That time you thought you developed a serious chronic illness during fitness.

Universal Television / Via pinterest.com

3. And your coach was not sympathetic AT ALL.

Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via tvfanatic.com

4. That time you actually had to wear pink on Wednesday.

It’s “Spirit Day”!!!!!!

5. The time you tried to walk up stairs after two-a-day practice.

20th Century Fox Productions / Via omitlimitation.com

6. The times you needed to pee at least seven times before your sporting event.

Pixar Animation Studios / Via giphy.com

And you still have that lingering sense that you might need to pee again…

7. That time you forgot to wash your uniform.

8. “Come on people, I don’t smell THAT bad.”

Yes, yes you do.

9. That time someone actually yanked your ponytail.

MTN / Via plus.google.com

And don’t forget the classic shorts grab!

10. The time you forgot a hair tie.

Lakeshore Entertainment / Via plus.google.com

11. Just kidding. Here’s the reality:

CSN / Via fansided.com

Don’t be that girl.

12. The time you forgot to wear a sports bra.

Sony Pictures Television / Via google.com

Bad news all around. Unless you swim.

13. The time you forgot your entire sports bag.

Warner Bros. Television / Via gallery.superherofan.net

This was only good in One Tree Hill.

14. That time picking jersey numbers got really competitive.

Marvel Studios / Via forums.oneplus.net

I regret that I have but one life to give to be #13.

15. That time your car smelled permanently like sweaty feet and shin guards…

20th Century Fox Television / Via quickmeme.com

16. … because you’re constantly changing in your car.

Jupiterimages / Via Thinkstock

And the windows aren’t tinted.

17. That time when “you play like a girl” was supposed to be an insult.

Island World / Via fanpop.com

18. … but it is clearly a compliment.

VANS / Via complex.com

19. That time someone said “But you’re too pretty/feminine to play [insert sport here].”

Warner Bros. Television / Via unlockingkiki.com

“Girls play hockey?!”

20. The time you had a really awkward sports tan.

And you were incredibly proud of it.

21. That time your team took over an entire restaurant to inhale food.

Olive Bridge Entertainment / Via theberry.com

It’s all about the breadsticks amirite?!

22. The time you finally had to overcome your fear of group showers.

Gold Circle Films / Via reddit.com

Hey gurl, I like singing in the shower too.

23. And that time you made at least 20 best friends.

Just face it, you’re going to have a lasting bond with anyone you shower with.

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