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18 Facts People Who Recently Moved To New York Will Come To Know

The city you love to hate and learn to love.

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1. Tourists are your worst enemies. / Via NYC Go

No, I do not know where the Empire State Building is. Do I look like Google Maps to you?

2. Your apartment is probably as big as someone else's closet in Connecticut.

Paramount Pictures / Via

3. And you should be super grateful if you have an elevator.

Warner Bros. /

Imagine lifting your sofa up a 5-floor walk up... food for thought.

4. There's a different smell on every corner.


Hmmmm... is that sewage with a hint of rotten garbage?

5. It's pronounced HOW-stun not HEW-ston.

Warner Bros. /

Are you from Texas?

6. Clipboard people are the devils in disguise.

Fox /

I absolutely do not have a minute!!! STOP FOLLOWING ME.

7. Be prepared to wait an hour when heading to a good restaurant.

United Artists /

If Zagat rated it over 26 points then it must be a culinary gem among the other 129,375 out there.

8. That is why Seamless becomes your best friend.

The WB /

She's always there for you, 24/7.

9. $1 Pizza is also God's gift to mankind.

Disney /

Worth every penny.

10. Black is the new black.


Winter is coming... like always.

11. The only rainbow you'll see is the Pride Parade.

Your neon E-Zoo crop top got nothin' on me, honey.

12. One of your life goals is to be featured in "Humans of New York."

Lionsgate /


13. Tinder is New Yorkers' "single" guilty pleasure.


Swipe right... It's a match!

14. Soul Cycle is not a form of exercise, it's a lifestyle.

New Line Cinema /

It's the new yoga, except more expensive and harder to schedule.

15. Public nudity might be a necessary evil.

Warner Bros. /

If only they were all Ryan Gosling.

16. You will witness bizarre things on the subway.

The WB /

In fact, you even start to miss it when it's gone.

17. You adopt a new theme song.

Roc Nation /


18. It's not such a big, bad city after all.

The End.

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