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24 Useful Filipino Words And Phrases You Need To Add To Your Vocabulary

You didn't hear? Tagalog is the new French. Mabuhay!

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1. Askal (aka Asong Kalye)

Noun. A stray dog found in the streets

How to use it in English: "I am gonna claim this askal if its owner won't get him off my porch"

2. Baduy

Adjective. (1) Old-fashioned (2) low-class (3) uncool or unhip

How to use it in English: "Dad you're so baduy."

3. Bagay

Adjective. When two things or people are compatible with each other.

How to use in English: "Do you think these boots are bagay with the overall outfit?"

4. Barkada

Noun. A group of friends, usually referring to younger groups of people.

How to use in English: "Ain't nobody messing with my barkada."

5. Barok

Adjective. Not being fluent or speaking ungrammatically in another language, usually in English.

How to use it in English: "I hope my barok Portuguese will work on this Brazilian guy, he's had three shots... and so have I"

6. Bongga

Adjective. Ostentatious or extravagant, it can either be used to describe one's thrown events, lifestyles, or styles.

How to use it in English: "I need to be as bongga as Rihanna at the CFDA awards. Nipples be damned"

7. Bitin

Adjective. A word used when one is short of or does not have enough of something, usually leaving one unsatisfied.

How to use it in English: "Small plates at fancy restaurants are so bitin... I paid for a full meal!!!"

8. Patay Malisya (aka DedMa)

Noun. Derived from "Dead Malice." A feigning unawareness usually when there is something amiss.

How to use it in English: "My ex-boyfriend has moved on, but I'm gonna be dedma about it" *eye twitch*

9. Gigil

Noun. The state at which one finds it difficult to control oneself, usually either because of cuteness or frustration.

How to use it in English: "I'm so gigil, I wanna punch your face."

10. Kapal ng mukha

A phrase used to describe a person who is being audacious, arrogant, or obnoxious.

How to use in English: "He's so kapal mukha, you can't take my last piece of gum and ask me if I have change for $20. Do I look like a saint?"

11. Kilig

Adjective. The overwhelming "butterflies in your stomach" feeling of excitement, usually used to describe a romantic situation.

How to use in English: "I'm so kilig... I swiped right and I got a match! "

12. KKB (Kanya-Kanyang Bayad)

A phrase that translates to each person paying for his own meal, usually used in group-dynamic situations.

How to use in English: "I'm only out with you guys because my mom says I can't celebrate my birthday alone, so that means KKB then?"

13. Konyo

Noun. A person who belongs to high society and/or a wealthy family, usually a word used to denote negative connotations against the person being described.

How to use it in English: "I despise and yet envy the wealth of the konyos from the Upper East Side"

14. KSP (Kulang Sa Pansin)

A phrase used to describe a person who always needs attention, usually a phrase used to denote a negative connotation against the person being described.

How to use in English: "Her peacock outfit has KSP written all over it."

15. Kulit

Adjective. Peskiness or stubbornness, usually through the act of nagging. However, it is generally used with positive connotations to describe somebody who is playful and funny.

How to use in English: "If you don't stop being kulit, I swear I will push you off a cliff."

16. Lambing

Noun. The showing of affection and tenderness towards another person, usually either in lieu of favors or to avoid conflict.

How to use in English: "I made lambing to my dad so that he would allow me to go to Mexico for Spring break."

17. Pasalubong

Noun. In accordance with Filipino traditions, the gifts a person brings back home to give to his friends and loved ones from his travels.

How to use in English: "Chocolate pasalubong for my the people I like, and $2 keychains for the ones idgaf about."

18. Pambahay

Noun. Clothes one wears inside the privacy and comforts of their own house. This generally refers to worn out articles of clothing not fancy matching pajamas.

How to use in English: "I can't wait to get out of these heels and go home to change into my pambahay"

19. Pikon

Noun. A person who is a sore loser and/or easily offended.

How to use in English: "All Filipinos around the world were so pikon when Manny Pacquiao unrightfully lost to Erik Morales."

20. Sayang

Adjective. A word to encompass the phrase "what a waste," usually referring to a missed or failure to capitalize an opportunity.

How to use in English: "It would have been sayang if I missed meeting Taylor Swift just because I broke my leg"

21. Sumbat

Verb. An act of either the counting the number or gravity of favors one has done for another, usually in an angry and condescending manner.

How to use in English: "Don't make sumbat about getting a ticket because you picked me up, you're the one that offered!"

22. Torpe

Adjective. Exclusively used to describe men who are too shy to express his interest in a woman. These men usually has little to no knowledge of courting women.

How to use in English: "I don't know if his no knowledge of me existing means he's actually not interested or he's just torpe."

23. Umay, Sawa or Suya

Adjective. A state in which a person is sick and cannot take any more of something, usually because of repetitive or concentrated exposure to something. Generally used to describe unpleasant experiences with food.

How to use in English: "I didn't think I'd ever get umay over turkey, but come my third Thanksgiving leftover sandwich... I wish it was Christmas already "

24. Tampo

Verb. The combinational act of being hurt, feeling disappointed, and sulking. Usually enacted through silent treatment and shoulder shrugs.

How to use in English: "I'm making tampo because I haven't fought with my boyfriend in a while."

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