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Dream Cast For A Goofy Musical (Based On Disney's A Goofy Movie)

In 1995, Disney released the animated musical comedy, A Goofy Movie. In the spirit of turning old movies into musicals, and the nostalgia that Generation Y is so obsessed with, I give you the dream cast of, A Goofy Musical.

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Anna Kendrick as Roxanne

You know her from: Pitch Perfect, 50/50, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and soon to be in Into The Woods, The Last Five Years

Hear her sing: "For Good" from Wicked @ Trevor Live

You thought I was going to do "Cups", didn't you?

Jimmy Fallon as Goofy Goof

You know him from: The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, Almost Famous

You probably don't know him from: Fever Pitch, Taxi, The $cheme

Hear him sing: "The Weight" by The Band (Performed by Jimmy Fallon Ft. The Muppets @ Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Finale)

So get to work Disney/Alan Menken. This musical isn't going to make itself.

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