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    21 Photos That Are All Kind Of Distressing In Their Own Way

    You know you love them.

    1. First, there's this unconventional USB device:

    2. And this all-natural fashion statement:

    3. This nightmare of a breakfast in bed:

    4. And this hand dryer #lifehack:

    5. Let's talk about the great teamwork going on here:

    6. And what happens when a Snapchat filter is just TOO good:

    7. Look at this refreshing drink:

    8. And this awkward encounter:

    9. This well-balanced meal:

    10. This happy hour special:

    11. And this artistic home decor:

    12. What about this casual snack though??

    13. Or this greasy door handle?

    14. Apparently it's arm day in Lego World...

    15. And all baths are canceled, forever:

    16. Why are these mushrooms so in love though??

    17. And what happened to this lil' pupper here?

    18. Is it just us, or is that frog giving out the world's best side-eye?

    19. And who let this dog in??

    20. Why is this a thing??

    21. And finally, what do you think they're all talking about??

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    This post was translated from German.