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    I Have Some Questions About These 21 Photos

    Anyone know what's going on here? Anyone?

    1. Here's a question: why does this exist?

    2. What happened to this person?

    3. this?

    4. What are those??????

    5. LOL what do you think is going through their minds rn??

    6. Wh...why?

    7. Who thought this was a good idea?

    8. And...just...what?!?

    9. Wait, this really works?

    10. And this doesn't seem...too terrible?

    11. Why would someone do this??

    12. Or this?

    13. What in tarnation is going on here?

    14. And um, are you guys seeing what I'm seeing?

    15. Who is responsible for this?

    16. And this?????

    17. What would you call this?

    18. And why do I REALLY not like this?

    19. What would this taste like, do you think?

    20. Where could one find and procure this rabbit toaster?

    21. And finally...what do you think this tastes like????

    This post was translated from German.