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22 TikToks That Are Absolutely Worth Your While

If you still haven't gotten into this whole TikTok thing, this is your time!

1. The one with the fast-talking fried egg:

2. The one that'll make you feel terrible about laughing:

3. The scientifically accurate impersonation:

4. The one that accurately describes what it's like to be high:

5. The one with the snazzy sandwich:

6. The one with the jokester barber:

7. The one with the meme master grandma:

8. The one that'll make you be like "me, being incentivized":

9. And the one that'll be like "yep, me on Monday mornings":

10. The one with the classy guinea pigs:

11. The one with the earbuds:

12. The one that's relatable AF:

13. The one where someone really should have closed their windows:

14. The one that might never let you barbecue in peace again:

15. The one where the unwrapping...does not go as planned:

16. The one that reveals the truth behind medieval choral music:

17. The one that shows you your phone's POV:

18. The one that any Pixar fan will love:

19. The one that sums up what it's like growing up with several siblings:

20. The one that will make any home cook absolutely crack up:

21. The one with the misfortunate McDonald's order:

22. And finally, the one that'll make you feel slightly disrespectful:

This post was translated from German.