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    May 25, 2018

    If You're Type A, These 23 Pictures Will Make Your Heart Rate Go Up

    BRB dying a little inside.

    1. Would you be able to look at this twisted strap for an entire bus ride?

    2. Or deal with having this in your kitchen?

    3. What would be worse? Seeing these mismatching windows every day, or living inside?

    4. Just imagine having to walk by this everyday:

    5. Or coming home to this:

    6. Or having to explain this to your kid:

    KingKevin19 / Via

    7. Could you eat this cheese sandwich?

    8. Or live in a room that looks like this?

    9. Which you'd reach by climbing these stairs?

    10. And looking out of these windows?

    11. Could you wear these socks?

    12. Or deal with this on your bookshelf?

    ChiddyBenno / Via

    13. Would these elevator buttons bother you?

    14. What about this crooked radiator?

    15. Could you handle having a set of outlets that definitely don't line up?

    16. Or making a call on a phone and seeing this?

    17. Could ANYONE walk down this street and not lose their minds?

    18. I mean, this is just ridiculous:

    wellthatsjustyouropinion / Via

    19. Could you stay calm about this?

    20. Or work with the contractor who did this?

    21. If this doesn't make you anxious...

    22. Then this should:

    23. And this?? Well, this is just abso — oh, wait, no, actually this is perfectly fine.

    Derilot / Via

    "It's a me!"

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    This post was translated from German.