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32 Kids Who've Suddenly Found Themselves In A Very Precarious Situation

The kids are all right, right?

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Ah, kids. They say and do the darndest things. But can we get someone to check on each of these lil guys?? We're kind of worried...

1. First, there's this poor kid with a less-than-stellar view:

2. And this kid, who wants to know why everyone's laughing:

3. This kid, who got foiled by gravity:

4. And the kid in the black sweats — can someone check on him??

5. This tree-hugger, who got most unfortunately stuck:

6. This kid, who isn't quite sure what happened but would love your help:

7. This kid, who'll probably never trust a fence again:

8. And this kid, just waiting patiently:

9. This kid sure ~fell~ for it...

10. And this kid tried to multi-task, he really did:

11. This kid isn't sure what all the fuss about slides is about:

12. Meanwhile, you've got a kid like this, who doesn't give a fUuUuUck about the police:

13. This kid will never trust another shadow puppet again:

14. And this kid is probably done with petting zoos for life:

15. This didn't work out quite the way this kid imagined:

16. And this kid is having his first experience with regret rn:

17. And this kid just wants to know why it's so slippy slidey out!!!

18. This kid's robot helmet failed them:

19. And this kid is just 1000% like ????????

20. This kid slightly misjudged a few things:

21. Whereas this kid knows that even a diaper can't solve everything:

22. We're not sure where this kid is going...

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23. Or what a bunny's ever done to these kids...

24. We DO know this kid learned something in school today:

25. And this kid won't be clamoring to go to Jurassic Park any time soon:

26. This kid's backflip will need some work...

27. Who wants to tell this kid??

28. These kids' sibling connection is the real thing...

29. And this kid's sense of chill knows no bounds:

30. This three-kid pileup was just waiting to happen:

31. And while this kid trusted you — like, REALLY trusted you...

32. This kid is just experiencing downright betrayal.

Gravity wyd???

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This post was translated from German.

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