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    Updated on Mar 13, 2019. Posted on Mar 11, 2019

    28 Images That Are Disturbing, Yes, But Also Oddly Hilarious

    Some more of the online world's finest.

    1. First, take a look at our little friend here:

    2. Now look at this form of parent-child bonding:

    things_that_are_not_aesthetic / Via

    3. Observe: this dental nightmare...

    4. But also remember: someone's always watching.

    cursed_images / Via

    5. And this is about to get weird:

    6. Like, ear-candle-level weird:

    meatwreck / Via

    7. Skin-so-wrinkly-you-can't-believe-it's-still-skin weird:

    neeto85 / Via

    8. Like, I'm talking flossing fish weird:

    cursedimages00 / Via

    9. If you didn't have a thing about eggs before, you will now:

    iz_dead / Via

    10. Or toes. But don't we all kind of have a thing against toes?

    11. And minions. TBH, that one movie really ruined these guys for me, hbu?

    nayytay / Via

    12. More pics that only the internet could give us: this sexy piece of foam...

    13. This extremely hairy angle:

    LAB1A / Via

    14. Weird hair situations in general:

    15. One very thirsty mascot:

    16. And one tubby Pikachu:

    notaestheticthings / Via

    17. Plus, this shocked eel:

    18. This one's weird AND just fully gross:

    19. And this is just art, if you ask us:

    cursed_images / Via

    20. But somehow, it's just impossible to stop scrolling, isn't it?

    21. There's just something so wonderfully weird about all of these, in all their own little ways:

    22. 'Cause like, where else can you find Jesus on a dog butt?

    theseimagesarecursed / Via

    23. Or a seagull in need of some dental work?

    cursed_images / Via

    24. Or horror-movie-level eyelash situations?

    25. If you think about it, these are the reasons why the internet is kind of beautiful, ya know?

    Satan_is_my_Username / Via

    26. Don't get us wrong. It's freakin' freaky out here...

    27. But also kind of hilarious?

    28. But, yes, like mostly just plain...weird.

    theseimagesarecursed / Via

    Love u internet!!!

    This post was translated from German.