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18 Extremely Mesmerizing GIFs That Explain How The World Works

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

1. So, first of all, this is how you can fake the texture of a brick wall:

aloofloofah / Via

2. And this is how you can fake a good wood grain:

aloofloofah / Via

3. This is how eggs are mechanically separated:

aloofloofah / Via

4. And if you have a shit ton of tennis balls lying around, this is how you'd pick them up:

NotchedWhip / Via

5. This is how you can fish a cork out of a bottle:

aloofloofah / Via

6. And this is how sandbags are filled:

aloofloofah / Via

7. This animation illustrates the difference between various frames per second:

Lutarisco / Via

8. This is how carrots are harvested:

gryba / Via

9. And this is how fruit gets separated:

Uncle_Retardo / Via

10. This is a close-up of how a record player works: this is the needle, and the little grooves are on the record!

silly_vasily / Via

11. Um, here's how dolls get their eyes put in:

jiminiminimini / Via

12. This is how salmon is sliced:

aloofloofah / Via

13. And this is how a wisdom tooth is taken out:

xlicer / Via

14. Here's the ultimate proof for the Pythagorean theorem: a² + b² = c²

maximum_decimum / Via

15. And here's the best way to put a Band-Aid on a knuckle:

OllieGingerBread / Via

16. This illustrates the complex workings of a piano key:

corzmo / Via

17. This is how tall trees get trimmed:

BodhiSteez / Via

18. And finally, this is how a lawnmower can mow around fence posts:

ColbysHairBrush_ / Via

Mind. Blown.

This post was translated from German.

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