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23 People Who Didn't Think Things Through Very Well

Why so many things that look like genitals, guys? What happened?

1. Whoever designed this kitchen sink that will never look clean:

2. Whoever mocked up this "no pets" sign:

3. Whoever decided this was the best way to display clothes:

4. Whoever made this ski lift sign:

5. Whoever okayed this pool float design:

6. Whoever thought the "nude crotch" look was the smart choice for these racing uniforms:

7. Whoever designed this elevator:

8. Whoever came up with this tea infuser:

9. Whoever designed these wine labels:

10. Whoever built this bathroom:

11. And this one:


13. Whoever it was on the marketing team who sketched this:

14. Whoever took this photo AND whoever put it on a package:

15. Whoever sculpted this severed toe/Jesus tree ornament:

16. Whoever thought they could improve on the design of a slide:

17. Whoever walks down stairs like this:

18. Whoever put this hoop up:

19. Whoever designed this logo:

20. Whoever installed the buttons on this elevator:

21. Whoever sewed these pants:

22. Whoever thought this was a good idea for holiday decorations:

23. And whoever designed this haute couture fashion statement:

This post was translated from German.