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17 Pictures That Will Leave You Feeling Shook

I, um... See ya!

1. It's tough knowing that you live on the same planet as someone who pierces their toenails:

Halvach / Via

2. Or gives themselves this manicure:

frijjid / Via

3. These cosplayers don't make life any easier:

4. And neither does this dude:

simpletonsavant / Via

5. This picture is unpleasant:

6. Aaaand this:

Applesauceman / Via

7. Then there's this sweet surprise:

hutzimbl / Via

8. Which isn't as bad as this post:

AchinBacon / Via

9. This transparent little nope is just...nope:

Prized / Via

10. The fact that there are nose balloons:

H0b0c0p / Via

11. The idea of biting down into a meaty filling you didn't expect:

Thinksforfun / Via

12. Or this little piece of fruit:

SeanzysThaMan / Via

13. The very existence of this image is too much to deal with:

TheNoobishIsStrongWithThisOne / Via

14. As well as this hairstyle:

bluefoot55 / Via

15. Who knows?! You might even encounter this precious little creature someday:

Error_UserNotFound / Via

16. This family fun time is a little unsettling:

17. Welp! That's enough Earth for me! See ya!

This post was translated from German.