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17 Life Hacks That Your Lazy Self Will Rejoice Over

They're truly effortless.

1. First, here's a foolproof way to get out of doing dishes all the time...

ToeFungus / Via

2. And here's how you can nuke two large bowls in a microwave all at once:

DaNReDaN / Via

3. Anything can be a cup-holder if you want it to be...

4. And as long as you have FaceTime, you can get those PlayStation hours in just about anywhere:

Isai76 / Via

5. No night stand? No problem:

climbin510 / Via

6. And if anyone out there says you can't tan, nap, AND drink a cocktail, they're lying to you:

GeoKureli / Via

7. Bottle openers are really all around us:

scarlac / Via

8. And there's no rule that says you actually have to STAND in line, now is there?

9. Instead of getting your shirts steamed at the dry cleaner, do this:

lilcheap2 / Via

10. And instead of mowing your lawn with your own two hands, do this!

cakesinyoface / Via

11. Taking out the trash has never been easier...

12. And clothing hangers have never been more useful:

21geeoff21 / Via

13. Like, REALLY useful:

Hemming17 / Via

14. This, my friend, is how you can get yourself a home theater set-up for $0:

arvzg / Via

15. And this is how you beat professional photographers and their fancy zoom lenses at their own game:

6minuterule / Via

16. Don't ever let anyone make you choose between sitting up and watching your shows...

LHN / Via

17. And finally, don't ever let society dictate where you can and can't take a nap:

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This post was translated from German.