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Only The Truly Strong Will Make It Through This Post Of 22 Weird-Ass Photos

Do you dare??

Ready for some more weird visual fuckery??? Here we go...

1. We'll start off easy, with this shot of a clearly unbreakable bond:

2. Then we'll move into this earbud situation:

3. Aaaand slowly progress into this hellscape:

4. Here. This is what you came for, isn't it?

5. This one never fails to induce a shiver...

6. And this is just several levels of nope.

7. This is still WTF, but in a kind of adorable way.

8. This. I don't like this at all.

9. This is just odd...

10. And this is just extremely off-putting:

11. But this — this, I take issue with:

12. And this is just a big fucking NO THANK YOU, folks.

13. We don't recommend this, even for April Fools'...

14. And if this is for safety reasons, somehow, we're not convinced:

15. This just makes us anxious!!! Someone save that porker!!

16. This is honestly ingenious, actually:

17. Now this is the kind of relationship I want:

18. And this seems...worrisome.

19. This got a chortle out of us...

20. And this got a very high-pitched scream:

21. This is everything that's wrong with festival season...

22. And finally, this sums up everything weird about eyeballs:

This post was translated from German.