This Instagram Account Is Just Pictures Of Round Animals, And It's Everything I Need In This Life

    So round, so radiant.

    If you're getting bummed out by all the cool vacation pics and wedding photos getting posted to Instagram this time of year, have no fear: the animal Instagram account @round.boys is here to bless your timeline.

    Whether you're a lover of animals or just of pleasantly round shapes, this account's for you.

    1. You'll meet very good round boys like this perfectly circular pup...

    2. And this rotund pooch:

    3. You'll learn that seals can be VERY round and very cute:

    4. Hedgehogs, too:

    5. You'll spend some quality time pondering where this dog's ears went...

    6. And extremely identify with this big buddy:

    7. Sometimes, the animals on the account will be accessorized...

    8. Some will give you a good, full view of their hefty haunches:

    9. And some will simply be geometric wonders in their own right:

    10. There's even an appearance from nature's biggest round boys, i.e., manatees.

    11. And of course, Corgi butts. Where would we be without Corgi butts??

    12. Admit it: watching this bb boy take a bath would be the highlight of your entire Insta timeline...

    13. And just try to resist reaching through your screen to give this guy a tummy rub...

    14. In case you still aren't convinced, just LOOK at this round bird boi:

    15. And this chubby lil bunny:

    16. And finally, this objectively and scientifically adorable face:

    This post was translated from German.