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    20 Highly Upsetting Photos That Unfortunately Exist

    Don't say we didn't warn you!

    1. So this is an actual piercing someone got:

    2. And three people actually did this to each other:

    3. Also this:

    4. Someone **actually** went to the bathroom like this:

    5. And yes, this is an image that actually exists:

    6. Show of hands if this made your feet feel weird:

    7. And if this made your whole brain feel itchy:

    8. This is just a bunch of buttons, but isn't it absolutely terrifying?

    9. And this is a tent...maybe for serial killers? IDK:

    10. Here's what getting a sunburn looks like when you have a tattoo:

    11. This...I can't really explain:

    12. Same goes for this:

    13. Would you buy this as a toy for your kids?

    14. Or do this to your leg hairs??

    15. Comparatively speaking, this one's just kind of soothing:

    16. And while this is displeasing to the eye, it's not, like, criminal:

    17. Which, to be clear, this is. Probably:

    18. Here's an interestingly shaped tuber:

    19. This is just a paper clip and a hot dog, but UGH, I hate it:

    20. And finally, here's something to show your kids if they're running around with dirty fingernails:

    This post was translated from German.