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    21 Kids Who Are Killing It At Hide-And-Seek

    These are the future leaders of the world.

    1. This expert:

    2. And this professional:

    3. This boy:

    4. And this girl:

    5. This kid who only half-understood the rules:

    6. And this one who, well....

    7. A master hider and his apprentice:

    8. This kid who learned how to fade into the darkness like his hero Batman:

    9. Whoops, how did a photo of an empty living room get in here?

    10. Crazy! It's like she's not even there!

    11. Another expert perfecting his craft:

    12. Excellent idea, but terrible execution.

    13. Nope! Nothing here! 😉

    14. What a lovely plotted plant!

    15. Again, a good strategy, but you're not quite pulling it off.

    16. Wow. Almost.

    17. A good hider needs situational awareness.

    18. Or just any awareness at all, really.

    19. Very tasteful. Very adorable. But no.

    20. Okay, this one's not even adorable.

    21. Points for creativity, at least.