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    21 Kids Who Are Killing It At Hide-And-Seek

    These are the future leaders of the world.

    1. This expert:

    Lurker1001 / Via

    2. And this professional:

    StickTrick27 / Via

    3. This boy:

    mkcawcutt / Via

    4. And this girl:

    5. This kid who only half-understood the rules:

    mc_dad / Via

    6. And this one who, well....

    7. A master hider and his apprentice:

    PaperkutRob / Via

    8. This kid who learned how to fade into the darkness like his hero Batman:

    kr8zytiger / Via

    9. Whoops, how did a photo of an empty living room get in here?

    CupcakeBooty / Via

    10. Crazy! It's like she's not even there!

    imellisyo / Via

    11. Another expert perfecting his craft:

    Poo_Berry_Muffins / Via

    12. Excellent idea, but terrible execution.

    13. Nope! Nothing here! 😉

    PaperkutRob / Via

    14. What a lovely plotted plant!

    15. Again, a good strategy, but you're not quite pulling it off.

    Okpal79 / Via

    16. Wow. Almost.

    PeteRit / Via

    17. A good hider needs situational awareness.

    Ukenstein / Via

    18. Or just any awareness at all, really.

    SquirtinFerCertain / Via

    19. Very tasteful. Very adorable. But no.

    20. Okay, this one's not even adorable.

    supermercado21 / Via

    21. Points for creativity, at least.

    nerge / Via

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