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19 Design Choices That Will Just Make You Shake Your Head Firmly

But really: Who all thought these were good ideas??

1. First, there's this rug, which looks like it's just plain infested:

2. Then, there's this questionable ski lift sign:

3. For some reason, this elevator just looks a little too gallows-y for us...

4. And is this going to be Spider-Man's newest superpower in the reboot?

5. We just reaaaaaally feel like this flower design could have been better thought-out...

6. As well as this light panel...

7. And also this pool floaty:

8. There's just something a little weird about these uniforms, imho...

9. Though it is disappointing to find out we're not allowed to season pigeons anymore.

10. This religious coloring book is just... Well, there's a lot here...

11. And everything about this rug design is just...not great.

12. Speaking of carpeting, though, who ON EARTH thought this would be a good idea for stairs?

scienceyeaux / Via

13. Meanwhile, this embroidered star just looks a little too spider-y for our tastes.

14. Not sure what happened to this soccer ball here...

15. Or why Pinocchio faucets are, in general, a thing:

16. This bottle opener is just all kinds of yikes:

17. And while this doorknob placement is actually p hilarious...

18. These leggings could have used a few more rounds of approvals...

19. And these "high heel" bath bombs look waaaay too much like something else.

Someone had to say it.

This post was translated from German.

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