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Posted on May 26, 2018

16 People Who Don't Give A Shit About The Rules

Fuck the system, amirite??

1. This person wouldn't let society dictate which bag of flour they could buy:

sirknittert / Via

2. And this person gives no fucks about where they're hanging their bike:

Derial / Via

3. This athlete doesn't give a flyin' fuuuuck if this is confusing for you:

bushying / Via

4. And this motorcyclist doesn't care where you think they should park:

broad / Via

5. This person refuses to let the signs tell them what to do:

sickbruv / Via

6. And this driver is fully, like, ~deal it it, people~.

MagnusKrog / Via

7. These tourists don't care what city they're in right now. They LOVE Berlin and Berlin alone.

Yalnif / Via

8. And this person refused to let a bowl tell them what to eat:

myers_jr / Via

9. This person isn't here for your suggested slice sizes:

rockinghard / Via

10. And seriously, this person does NOT have time for you and your fancy-schmancy expectations:

Hugmaster / Via

11. This person isn't remotely bothered that the bridge isn't working right now:

12. And this rebel is clearly going to do whatever the hell they want:

13. This person wants us all to ~stick it~ to the Capri Sun overlords:

DeaStiffLeR / Via

14. And this person was like, SO WHAT if I build a chimney there???

catburglarrr / Via

15. This limo driver is not here to play today:

1nbox / Via

16. And finally, all of these drivers don't give a shit what you think:

ratvas / Via

OK yes this is possibly some alternate-side parking stuff going on, but let's just pretend they're gonna do what they want.

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This post was translated from German.