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These 22 Photos Will Help You Figure Out If You Have Trypophobia

Trypophobia is the fear of irregular patterns of holes.

1. Here's a question: Does a picture like this make you fascinated — or just really nervous?

2. Does this inspire a weird sense of fear or disgust?

3. If so, you might have trypophobia — a fear of irregular patterns, especially if they involve clusters of holes.

4. This fear has to do with how the brain deals with processing so many small holes or small-sized structures.

5. It involves a feeling of a loss of control.

6. And can often remind people of disease or illness.

7. So that's why photos like this...

8. ...this...

9. ...and this might make someone with trypophobia feel really uncomfortable.

10. It doesn't always have to be holes, either.

11. Illogical patterns are enough to generate goosebumps.

12. Especially if they're illogical.

13. And honestly? You don't even need to be trypophobic to get creeped out by this pic:

14. Or by this:

15. Yeah. This is definitely weird, no lie.

16. And if these pictures don't bother you, then at least we can just appreciate the textures going on here:

17. And here.

18. But if you're feeling a little dizzy/queasy, we also wouldn't blame you.

19. Textures can get pretty freaky if you really stop and notice them.

20. Sometimes they're beautiful...

21. And sometimes they're just delicious...

22. But there's definitely something just a liiiiittle unnerving about them.

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This post was translated from German.