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The 21 Most Sexually Graphic Photos Of Totally Normal Stuff

Totally safe for work... somehow.

1. Here's a photo that'll take more than one quick look to totally understand:

2. What does this girthy sweet potato make you think of?

3. Don't worry, it's just a belly button:

4. What did your brain try to make of this?

5. I'm suddenly much more interested in plants for some reason.

6. This lighting fixture lets you see a lot of the deepest details:

7. What's the problem? It's just a rock face.

8. Now that's a good looking pear.

9. All I see is a completely harmless clothes hook.

10. Such a cute purse! No, really!

11. I've never been more uncomfortable taking a paper towel in my life.

12. Wow, that's a HUGE... uh, tree.

13. Who's hungry?

14. Is this forest coming on to me?

15. Good grip!

16. Something seems out of place here:

17. Tastes like chocolate!

18. I know what I'm looking at but I can't help but feel obscene.

19. *gulp*

20. It's just a dog! A DOG!

21. Good night.

This post was translated from German.

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