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    25 Childhood Memories You'd Almost Forgotten

    The sounds, smells and sensations of being a kid.

    1. Watching the raindrops race against one another during long car journeys.

    Sasiistock / Getty Images

    2. And letting yourself be hypnotized by the windscreen wipers.

    Dutchinny / Getty Images

    3. The "thump" of the big mat when you had to fetch it from the gym wall.

    4. How an old scab felt on your knee.

    saulhm / Via

    5. The rattle of falling Connect 4 counters.

    torginho1983 / Via

    6. That one awful pullover you had to wear, and the raspy feeling of pulling it over your head.

    Bliznetsov / Getty Images

    7. The satisfying "doing" of a plastic ruler on the edge of the table.

    8. The slightly sour smell of ink eraser on your hand.

    9. The strange sense of pride that got you from this trick.

    10. The feeling of playing with a wobbly tooth that just wasn't ready to come out.

    Kazanovskyandrey / Getty Images

    11. The smooth sensation of stroking your finger over plastic stickers.

    minirobotmom / Via

    12. The dry, spongy surface of a well-used soccer ball.

    Antranias / Via

    13. And the way you always had to suck up your spit when wearing vampire fangs.

    vfgp / Via

    14. The satisfying click when you put on your pen lid.

    Philipp Jahner für BuzzFeed

    15. And the sound of the zip when opening your pencil case.

    Philipp Jahner für BuzzFeed

    16. How tough it sometimes was to wind down the car window.

    17. The dread of seeing this, and the way the slimy paste would coat the roof of your mouth.

    18. The smell of the case that held your wet retainer.

    Philipp Jahner für BuzzFeed

    19. The agony of having to carefully untangle cassette tapes from the player.

    20. And the care with which you studied the TV guide to make sure you didn't miss a thing.

    21. Opening cans and still having the entire ring pull on your finger.

    22. A face sticky from cotton candy.

    23. Making cheese on toast and burning your tongue with the first bite.

    simi1980 / Via

    24. The endless fascination of Magic Eye.

    balukl / Via

    And the intense frustration you felt when you couldn't see anything.

    25. And of course: the enticing, uplifting smell of a fresh bag of candy.

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