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    17 Photos That Perfectly Describe The City Of Berlin

    Berlin is the best.

    1. Berlin is teamwork:

    2. Berlin is conserving your energy.

    3. Berlin has a plan:

    4. Berlin is grillin' in the park:

    5. And grillin' on the subway:

    6. Come to think of it, Berlin is breakfast on the subway, too:

    7. And also breakfast beforehand:

    8. Berlin is improvisation:

    9. Berlin wants you to make half an effort, at least:

    10. Berlin is getting fresh air...

    11. ...from the rooftop, if necessary:

    12. Berlin is walkable:

    13. Berlin is style:

    14. Berlin is organized:

    15. Berlin is safety:

    16. Berlin is practical:

    17. And finally, Berlin is friendship:

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    This post was translated from German.