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    17 Unbelievable Photos Of Things You've Probably Never Seen Before

    Click for baby teeth skulls, trippy trees, and space pics!

    1. This egg has no shell and is held together only by its membrane:

    2. This is the skull of a child who still had all of their baby teeth:

    3. This is what the Statue of Liberty would have looked like before all the copper turned green:

    4. Here is a photo of auroras on Jupiter:

    5. Here is a photo of a skinned blueberry — did you know that they're green underneath?

    6. This looks like a statue covered with a transparent cloth, but it's actually just a statue completely carved from marble from the year 1753.

    7. This isn't a blurry photo — it's just a pic of a rising redbud tree.

    8. This is the AuthaGraph World Map, which projects a map of the globe without size distortion:

    9. This is a picture of what the Sphinx looks from behind:

    10. This is what it looked like when Barack Obama posed for the first 3D portrait of a US president:

    11. This is a picture of Father's Day, the smallest boat that has ever crossed the Atlantic Ocean:

    12. This is a pic of the Stelvio Pass in the Alps, the highest mountain pass in Italy.

    13. This is what a 1-liter bottle looks like before it is inflated:

    14. This is a photo of sand from all different parts of the Sahara Desert:

    15. This is a picture of the path worn into these tiles by a barber over many years:

    16. This is a pic of the first zinnia grown in space.

    17. And finally, this is what NASA's first manned Mars Rover will look like:

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    This post was translated from German.