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35 Creative Coffins From Ghana

If you want to go out in style, you need to head down to Ghana. Sad to think these masterpieces will just end up in the ground.

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1. Cruise Ship

2. Hen with Chicks

3. Ballpoint pen and notebook to a teacher

4. Plane for a Wood Worker

5. Movie Projector Coffin

6. Gas Pump for Gas Station Manager

7. Trowel to a Mason

8. Grand Piano for a Dutch musician

9. Hammer for a Carpenter

10. Wrench for a Dutch engineer

11. Bible

12. Aquarius Soda Can

13. Ear of Corn for Corn Farmer

14. Air Plane

15. Fishing Boat

16. Mercedes Benz

17. Public Transit Vehicle

18. Sea Turtle

19. The Snail in the Coffin

20. Eagle

21. Agouti Rodent

22. Pig for Pig Farmer

23. Big Fish

24. Old Cell Phone

25. Wingtip with a good looking shine

26. Lizard

27. Mouse Coffin

28. Camera

29. Saw Coffin

30. Onion

31. Filtered Cigarette

32. Pink Fish

33. Ice Cold Beer

34. Ghana Air

35. Just Awesome

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