15 Bikes You Can Make Yourself

15 DIY bikes that come with instructions but no manual. Unless the manual is labor, then yes it is lots of manual labor. All bikes are found on Instructables


Pencil Bike : Who doesn’t look at a pencil and wish they could ride it.


Office Chair Bike - When work and commute meet.


Wooden Bike - Greenest bike out there is by far the Wooden Bike.


Recumbent from a Kid Bike - Don’t feel weird enough in your recumbent bike? This will fix this right away. The mini recumbent can make you look more goofy or immediately make it harder for your kids to make friends.


Side by Side Bike - This bike is double the something other than fun. If doubling up on a bike isn’t weird enough this is your bike.


Atomic Zombie’s Firecracker Kids Chopper - Is your kid dying to ride a chopper? You are in luck.


Mountain Bike Chopper - Chopper for adults. Adults who don’t want to get an actual chopper.


Row Pull Push Bike - Rather row then petal? Well you and this one guy will get along great.


Kinetic Sculpture Racer Transphibian Bicycle - Not much to say about this one.


Cart Bike - Give all those old shopping carts in the ditch a new life.


Wobble Bike - Don’t like steady rides? Looks like your in need of a wobble bike.


Safety Penny Fakething - This bike is something different…


Top Banana Bike - Poor kids forced to ride these ridiculous things.


Arm Chair Bike - The name leads you to believe this is very comfortable but it’s looks beg to differ.


SkyWalker - If you are in to not surviving bike wrecks.

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