Five Animals We Wish Were Real

The animal kingdom is huge! Did you know that scientists have documented more than 1.2 million different species on earth…Crazy huh? But, what’s even crazier is that they predict that just under 9 million species have yet to discovered or classified. With all the speculation as to what other species exist, we thought we’d put together this list of animals we wish were discovered one day.

5. Gecko + Sphynx = Gynx

The Gynx has the ability to climb trees with it’s suction cup feet and has cat-like reflexes to avoid predators.

4. Turtle + Giraffe = Gurtle

The Gurtle protects itself by curling up into it’s shell and can grab the most delicious lettuce leaves with it’s long snake-like neck.

3. Chicken + Cow = Chow

Red meat would actually taste like chicken (And be healthier for you)!

2. Killer Whale + Cat = Killer Kitty

These animals can survive in arctic climates and communicate by puring underwater (Which can be heard from miles away).

1. Snail + Rhinoceros = Snailoceros

These creatures can travel at high speeds and attack predators with it’s large horn.

What animal hybrid do you wish was real? Let us know in the comment!

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