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10 Ways To Deal With Your January Doldrums

Some people feel a post-holiday let-down. Everything is cold and gray, even your pet. I do not have this. I am happy happy happy. But in case you need help, here are some things to try:

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1.Make a list of 10 ways to deal with your January doldrums.

2.Connect with nature. If you can't stand to leave the house, find pictures of nature on the internet. Or visit the spiders under your sofa.


4.Spend time alone. It takes the pressure off having to be nice to people. Plus jeez, you are shitty company.

5.Buy something. Anything. Except turpentine, fan belts or socks.

6.Compare yourself to other people. There's always someone uglier, fatter or less well off.

7.Don't compare yourself to other people. There's always someone prettier, sexier or richer.

8.Caffeine is good for you.

9.Have you tried crying? Give it a shot. Get in the shower and wail. And while you're in there, would it kill you to bathe?

10.If you have actual, clinical doldrums then seek actual, clinical help.

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