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The Secret To Making Soup Dumplings

Plus a 10 step how-to! It's like taking a private cooking class without having to get dressed.

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1. Make the filling.

Okay, here's the SECRET (in the very first step!): Buy or make very concentrated Gelatinous stock. This means the high quality stock has been reduced down to half on slow simmer and allowed to cool completely. Here's a good recipe to try at home. Chop up the gele stock and mix in with your favorite dumpling filling (fatty ground pork, chives, garlic, and ginger).

4. Roll, rotate, roll, rotate, roll. You get the point.

Always start your rolling pin in the center of the wrapper and roll towards the edges, putting more pressure on the outer parts of the circle. You should end up with a circular wrapper that is thicker in the middle and close to paper thin on the outer edge.


Now you know the most important steps. Follow a detailed recipe like this one for the ingredients. You didn't think I'd give you my own secret recipe, did you?

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