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Everything You Should Know About The Zika Epidemic In Puerto Rico

With ever-growing concern about the alleged Zika outbreak in Puerto Rico, you need to stay informed.

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The truth about Zika in Puerto Rico isn't what you expect.

It's close to summer and they say zika is lurking in the sky.

Under the sunlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart.

You try to scream but awe takes the sound before you make it

You feel the breeze and fun times unfold before the eyes,

You're energized!


‘Cause this is the thriller, thriller Isle!

'Cause Puerto Rico will thrill you more than other destinations would dare to try!

Instagram: @sheila_aila

So, this is the thriller, thriller Isle!

So know that zika is nothing to worry about!

You should book your flight!

Instagram: @luisromanyoga / Via

You hear the waves break and realize you’ve never had so much fun,

You feel the warm breeze and wonder how you’ve lived without this sun!


You close your eyes and realize this is better than your imagination.

But all the while you hear the tropical rhythm creep behind.

You're out of time!


'Cause you’re in love with the thriller, thriller Isle!

There ain't no second chance against this Enchanted Isle!

Instagram: @allyleigh

You know it's the thriller, thriller isle!

You’ll leave Puerto Rico with a huge smile!

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