Cats ‘n Tubs

Some cats love a bath. Most cats hate them. Either way, pictures of cats in and around bath tubs are awesome.

Some water fearing cats like to test their luck by walking on the edge of danger, or in this case, lie on the edge of danger.

Other cats like to keep it social and test their luck with a ball and a friend.

Some cats let their imagination go wild wondering what lives beneath that mysterious drain.

Other cats are in it for the secret drinking supply.

Seriously… Cats love drinking bath water.

But let’s not kid ourselves. When the tub fills up, most cats experience minor to major panic attacks.

Some of them hide here.

Via http://Flickr
Via http://Flickr

Others don’t think out their hiding spots too carefully.

Via http://Flickr

Some like to hide with a group of friends.

There are forward-thinking cats who do like taking baths and prefer to stay one step ahead of the pack by picking an alternative venue… So long as the water doesn’t begin to swirl!

Via http://Flickr
Via http://Flickr

But when all is said and done, a clean cat is a happy cat.

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