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    16 Cats Drinking From Cups

    No matter what type of cat you own, they're all after one thing: your freshly poured glass of water.

    1. Serious skill and determination.

    2. Classy cats hold out for tea parties.


    4. These kittens are the tea party!!!

    5. Not only does this kitten prefer iced tea, she sips from a straw to boot!

    6. This long-haired fellah enjoys a healthy dose of vitamin c.

    7. Mmmmmm Calcium

    8. While other cats prefer their glass have a little more bite to it.

    9. And then...there's this:

    10. When the glass is too big and the head is too small, a helping hand goes a long way.

    11. That is, of course, unless you don't mind getting your mittens involved in the action.

    12. But this little one is a lady, and would never resort to stealing someone's cup of joe feet first.

    13. Nothing is more gratifying than having a friend witness your master water thieving skills in action.

    14. Seriously. It's awesome.

    15. Perfect execution.

    16. But in the end, this is why cat owners can't leave cups of water unattended. Cat cooties!