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    Nov 3, 2014

    17 Cute Cats Explain The Green Party

    WHAT THE BBC DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE! Here are some of the policies that the BBC are excluding from the Election Debates next year. Each is explained with a beautiful picture of cats belonging to members of the Young Greens, youth branch of the Green Party, that has nearly tripled in membership since the start of 2014!


    We have one of the longest working weeks in Europe. This is causing an epidemic of stress and low levels of life satisfaction. All work and no play makes a very sad kitty indeed!


    Government cuts are killing our country and destroying the economy, all while pushing public services into the hands of private companies. It was the bankers that caused the economic mess, and the rich have continued to get richer while everyone else is feeling the brunt of the cuts. The Green Party will be publishing a "fully costed" manifesto for 2015, which will be an anti-cuts budget paid for by bankers and the super rich. That's why they can confidently call for #CATSNOTCUTS!


    The other Parties are happy to trash our One Planet without any regard to young people and future generations. The Green Party is the only party that takes a long term vision of the future, so that we can ensure a healthy, vibrant planet for generations to come.


    Our schools are currently being snuck off into Academies that are run as businesses. Greens will protect schools to ensure that everyone can get a good education, rather than children becoming a commodity to educate for private profit.


    Young people make up about 20% of the Green Party - and that number is growing fast! The Green Party gives young people a real voice and a politics that they can believe in.


    And it's not just young people. The Green Party is a democratic party, where every member can write or change policy motions which are then voted on by members at conference. The Greens aim to represent all sectors of society, and have rules to support under represented groups such as women and ethnic minorities get elected to public office.


    Protecting animals is a big deal to the Greens. And how could you blame them when they are sooo cute!


    This one is a real game changer - Greens want to invest to create a million jobs, tackle unemployment, protect the environment and get the economy moving again.


    If we renationalised the railways then we would save the taxpayer £1BILLION a year while being able to ensure that we could make the joined up decisions needed for a well functioning transport system. The railways were privatised because apparently the public sector is inefficient, but now many of our rail services are run by foreign state owned companies. How does that make sense?!


    Greens aren't afraid to stand up against the nasty populist right who are blaming all of Britain's problems on minority groups. Britain gains so much from its diversity - and everyone deserves equal protection and freedom to flourish as an individual and as a culture!


    Too many people are struggling to get by on minimum wages that aren't enough to live on. The Green Party wants to raise the minimum wage to a living wage ASAP and then £10 an hour by 2020.


    Scientists keep telling us it is urgent, yet no one seems to be doing anything about it. The Green Party will take real action to tackle climate change - the greatest threat facing humanity today.


    Did you know that the wealthiest one percent in Britain own more than 50% of Britain's wealth? Or that the richest 85 people on Earth own more than the poorest 50% of humans worldwide? This is getting worse and worse, with the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer.

    Inequality is spiralling out of control, and only the Green Party stands up and says that we need to do something about it.


    There's a lot of nasty scapegoating going on at the moment, with disability benefits being destroyed by our Government. Greens believe that we need a strong safety net, so that if the worst happens, people will be looked after.


    Loads of old people are really struggling to get by, and the financial crisis wiped out a lot of the value of peoples' pensions. A decent society is judged by how well it looks after their most vulnerable - and Greens say they deserve good care and a decent pension!


    Britain has some of the least energy efficient housing in the EU - wasting money and precious resources. A scheme to bring homes and businesses up to modern standards of energy efficiency would create skilled jobs, save money and help tackle climate change - all in one go!


    The Green Party strongly supports LGBT rights and fights against all forms of homophobia and transphobia. Love is love - people should be free to be themselves!


    Education benefits our whole country, and it should be encouraged. The Green Party thinks it is unfair to laden people with debt for trying to improve themselves and get a good education. They therefore believe in free education for all - and are even exploring the feasibility of abolishing all existing student debt!

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