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    5 Radical Effects Of Personhood

    North Dakota voters will sign off on a Personhood amendment in 2014. What will happen if the state passes Personhood into law?

    What would happen if Personhood is approved by voters in North Dakota (it already passed the legislature), or any other state? We believe there would ultimately be 5 major effects:

    1. It will make sure that children in the womb are treated exactly the same as children outside the womb.

    It will mandate that those courts with the power of judicial review strike down those laws that are incompatible with the state’s highest authority, namely the state’s constitution. Alternatively, laws contradicting a personhood amendment will become moot.

    In Colorado, for example, killing a child in a drunk driving accident is a punishable crime. But when a drunk driver hit Heather Surovik last year, killing her son Brady, no criminal charges could be lodged against the driver. Why? Because Colorado does not recognize Brady as a person, there was no prosecution for his tragic death. Colorado law discriminates against children in the womb. Brady was eight pounds, two ounces and would've been born in a matter of days. Personhood will end the discrimination.

    2. It will ban abortion.

    Abortion is the intentional killing of an innocent human being. Science can now pinpoint the exact beginning of a human being’s life, therefore, any actions taken with criminal intent will be punished under the existing criminal code, irrespective of whether the child is in or out of the womb. If you're not convinced that abortion should be prohibited, you need to see what it does to a baby.

    3. It will ban chemical abortifacients.

    The abortion industry, with the willing complicity of the main stream media, has redefined the term contraceptive to include poisons and devices that cause the early human being to die. These poisons are called abortifacients because they may cause early abortions. When the abortion industry says that Personhood would outlaw contraceptives, they are either lying now, or they were lying then, for they had always told women that chemical contraceptives did not kill a living embryo. A woman should know whether a chemical would kill her child. Personhood will end the lies.

    4. It will ban human embryonic stem cell research.

    Human embryonic stem cell research is nothing more than human harvesting. There are other more successful treatment options involving the use of umbilical and adult stem cells that don’t require the creation and destruction of human beings for medical experimentation.

    5. It will promote human dignity.

    When some human beings are considered non-persons who can be legally disposed of, it degrades the value and sanctity of life for all human beings. As Martin Luther King Jr. put it, "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Personhood promotes basic rights for all human beings, so that everyone can be protected by love and by law.


    Now that's not so radical, is it?

    It's actually just common sense.