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    10 Surprising Ultrasound Photos Of Babies With A Sense Of Humor

    I'm sure these humorous scans shocked doctors and parents. Just when the baby thought nobody was looking...

    1. The Gold Miner

    Caught you, ya' little booger! Somehow it’s cute here, but totally gross elsewhere.

    2. The Raspberry

    This little tyke looks like he's either cleaning himself like a cat, blowing a raspberry, or sticking his tongue out at the camera in this 3D ultrasound.

    3. The Smiler

    Say cheese! This 17-week old baby is smiling for the camera. The ultrasound scan implies that a baby can experience feelings such as happiness and pain much earlier in its development than previously thought.

    4. The Peacenik

    Via Facebook: personhoodusa

    Give peace a chance, ya'll! Violence isn't the answer to unplanned pregnancy.

    5. Turtle Power

    This ultrasound kind of makes it look like this woman is going to give birth to a Super Mario character. But nope, it's just a little baby.

    6. The Ham

    "Hi mom!"

    7. The Divine Aura

    After seven months of a difficult pregnancy, one mother looked anxiously at the latest ultrasound picture of her unborn son and saw something rather otherworldly. She believes the ultrasound of her baby is an image of Jesus watching over him.

    8. The Jacko

    Based on the ultrasound results, it looks like this couple is expecting Michael Jackson. Or (more likely) a baby that looks an awful lot like The King of Pop's face in this picture.

    9. The Rock Star

    The parents are musicians, so they probably figured it was just in the kid's genes. Either that or this is a future University of Texas student!

    10. The Thumbs Up

    Via Facebook: personhoodusa

    We think that the right to life of every human being, born or unborn, should be recognized and protected! Will you give that a thumbs up?