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    10 Celebrities Who Came Out As Pro-Life

    It ain't easy coming out (as pro-life). But these actors, singers, and athletes aren't ashamed to stand up for babies in the womb.

    1. Justin Bieber

    2. Jack Nicholson

    3. Tim Tebow

    4. Andrea Bocelli

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    The talented Italian musician came forward in 2011 to share his pro-life story. His mother was encouraged to have an abortion after she was misdiagnosed with appendicitis while pregnant with Andrea. She chose life for her unborn son. A world without Bocelli would be a darker world indeed.

    5. Ben Stein

    6. Kenny Chesney

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    The country singer "came out" as a pro-lifer with his hit "There Goes My Life" released in 2003. His life-affirming anthem spent seven weeks at number one on the Billboard charts and extolls the blessings of parenthood.

    7. Matt Birk

    8. Phil Robertson

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    The Duck Dynasty star isn't afraid to stand up for his pro-life convictions. The hit A&E show is scheduled for its fourth season.

    9. Kathy Ireland

    10. Martin Sheen