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    1. The majority of people will probably be more talented than you are. Accept that, it will make you work harder. 2. This is the state of successful, hungry, and driven people. Get on board or fall by the wayside. 3. Be careful who you put your trust and faith in. Not everyone is who they might seem. 4. Get a monthly metro card. Seriously having to refill that thing constantly is annoying and can factor into you missing your bus/ train. 5. Some of the most diverse and beautiful people live here. Soak it in (but don’t stare too long; people don’t like that). 6. New York will try to jade you, and there is nothing wrong with getting tougher. But keep the goodness about you; it’s endearing and it shows. 7. Everyone is here to chase their dreams.. and surprisingly willing to help you with yours. Networking is your best friend 8. If you’re single, dating can scale between the most amazing experiences ever, to douche bag, awkward hot mess hell. 9. The city is truly the most alluring beautiful place ever; you can live here for years and still be amazed by it. 10. Never stop chasing what you want, even when things get you down or you fail. All of it is just a stepping stone. 11. Here you have the ability to start anew; no one knows your story. Make a new one. 12. Happy hour in the city is full price of what we used to pay back at home. AKA prepare to be broke but happy. 13. “Fake it till you make it” works, but remember it’s not the case in all situations. Sometimes being green isn’t a horrible thing. 14. You’ll probably want to move back home every other weekend for the first year, so FaceTime your friends and drink wine, lots of wine. 15. BE AMAZING. You took a chance and did what some people only dream of, for that you’re already a star.

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