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17 Veggie Burgers You'll Go Vegan For

Gotta munch 'em all.

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1. Superiority Burger, Manhattan, New York

This new fast food spot in Manhattan's East Village specializes in veggie burgers, and their eponymous burger is being hailed as one of the best of all time – even by beef-loving carnivores!

2. Butcher and the Burger, Chicago, Illinois

This restaurant is focused on meat, but their veggie burger – a vegan brown rice and lentil patty with umami seasonings – is definitely not an afterthought.

3. Hopdoddy, Austin, Texas

This green-hued beauty is called a Good Korma, and is a curried lentil patty with vegetable korma, white onion, tomato, lettuce, and curried mustard.

4. Saturn Cafe, Berkeley and Santa Cruz, California

Saturn Cafe has been a vegetarian haven in the Bay Area since 1979, and this portobello mushroom and roasted red pepper burger is just one reason why they've had that kind of staying power.


5. Greenwood Smokehouse, Toronto, Ontario

Greenwood Smokehouse may be a full-on bbq joint, but their mushroom burger with smoked pineapple guacamole is world class. And yes, that's vegetarian poutine on the side.

6. Butcher & Sons, Mexico City, Mexico

This Mexican burger pub's menu is full of beefy burgers named after rock stars, so naturally, their veggie burger is named after legendary vegan Paul McCartney.

7. Honest Burgers, London, England

This burger is a delicate balance of crispy and creamy textures – the patty is a sweet corn and cauliflower fritter fried in spiced curried batter, and it's topped with spiced cucumber yogurt.

8. Drovers Dog, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This Amsterdam pub's burger tops a beetroot, chickpea and lentil patty with fresh tomato, arugula, and minted yogurt and pairs it with a huge pile of spicy potato wedges.


9. Pickle Shack, Brooklyn, New York

This low key vegetarian spot in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn specializes in locally made pickles, so it should come as no surprise that their mushroom-centric burger is topped with their own mix of pickled veggies.

10. Burger Royal, Montreal, Quebec

This restaurant gives you the option to have any of their signature burgers with a veggie patty, but this one – with pickled Japanese turnips, pickled ginger, arugula, spicy green sprouts, herbed havarti cheese, truffles mayo, and sirarcha hot sauce – is perfectly suited to be a veggie burger.

11. Clover Cafe, Manhattan, New York

This chia-crusted mushroom and beet burger is a thing of beauty, but be warned – this West Village eatery only serves it at lunch.

12. Beatbox Kitchen, Melbourne, Australia

This Australian food truck mostly serves beef burgers, but their shroom burger is top quality, and totally vegan if you omit the cheese.


13. The Plant Cafe, Bay Area, California

This mini-chain of cafes specializing in local, organic foods has a varied menu full of vegetarian and vegan options, but their signature veggie burger – a lentil, mushroom, beet, cashews and bulgur wheat patty topped with vegan aioli – is their most famous dish.

14. Deep Ellum, Allston, Massachusetts

This Boston-area gastopub's chickpea burger is one of the most colorful burgers you'll ever see, thanks to that generous slather of bright purple beet tzatziki.

15. The Chicago Diner, Chicago Buddha Burger

This low-key diner boasts that it's been "meat-free since '83," so it should be a given that their veggie burgers are top quality.

16. OneBurger, Miami, Florida

This pop-up burger spot travels around the Coral Gables area slinging these colorful veggie burgers as well as regular old beef burgers, if you want to eat something much less beautiful.

17. Uneeda Burger, Seattle, Washington

You don't need a burger, you need this one – a crispy portobello burger topped with veggies and dripping in special sauce.