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    Vampire Weekend Revealed Their New Album Title In A New York Times Classified Ad

    Very clever. It's gonna be called Modern Vampires of the City.

    The band hinted at the reveal in this tweet...

    NYT classifieds...-- Vampire Weekend

    ...and Pitchfork found it today's edition of the paper.

    Later on, the band's label, XL, shared the album art...

    ...and here's the tracklisting.

    Obvious Bicycle
    Diane Young
    Don't Lie
    Hannah Hunt
    Everlasting Arms
    Finger Back
    Worship You
    Ya Hey
    Young Lion

    So far, the only song from the album that have shared with the world is "Unbelievers," which they debuted on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in October and have been playing at recent gigs in Australia.

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    HT Amy Phillips at Pitchfork