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    This Song About Spaghetti Is The New Song Of The Summer

    Spaghetti Warehouse's new jingle is way better than any song about an Italian restaurant chain ever needs to be.

    This is the new jingle for Spaghetti Warehouse, a chain of Italian restaurants.

    They're not kidding. You will dance to this song.

    Like this.

    You need to experience this music in its proper context, on, the page celebrating the chain's 40th anniversary.

    According to Spaghetti Warehouse, the jingle was created by a "Grammy award winning production team" who apparently would rather not take credit for this marvelous song.

    It sounds like Katy Perry. Maybe it is Katy Perry!

    Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

    Or maybe it's The Matrix. Like, what have they been up to lately?

    Guns N' Roses love spaghetti. Maybe Axl Rose wrote it?

    It doesn't matter, though. The song is perfect.