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    17 Summer Jams You Need For Your Party Playlists

    Y'know, other than "Happy."

    1. The "Look, This Is Already Unavoidable So Just Have Fun With It!" Summer Jam

    2. The "What If Stevie Wonder Was A Lot Hornier?" Summer Jam

    3. The Teen R&B Prodigy From England Summer Jam

    4. The Most Ridiculously Turnt Up Summer Jam

    5. The "What If Mariah Carey Did A Saxobeat Song?" Summer Jam

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    6. The "Get The Girls Back Together" Summer Jam"

    7. The "Most Romantic EDM Song Ever" Summer Jam

    8. The Summer Jam For People Who Just Wanted One More Great Michael Jackson Song

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    9. The "No, Really, Even If You Think You Hate Skrillex, You Need To HEAR THIS" Summer Jam

    10. The "More Raw Than Literally Anything" Summer Jam

    11. The "Dance Like A Maniac In Your Bedroom" Summer Jam

    12. The Angsty Summer Jam That Will Still Make You Feel Happy To Be Alive

    13. The "Spend Your Whole Paycheck" Summer Jam

    14. The "Wow, Girl Talk Is Actually Great At Producing Rappers" Summer Jam

    15. The "Anyone Can Dance To This" Summer Jam

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    16. The "Yeah, This Song Is A Big Hit In Europe!" Summer Jam

    17. The "J. Lo And Ricky Martin Are Ageless Icons" Summer Jam

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