Spider-Man Is An Asshole Now

He’s going to be all dark and mean in Marvel Comics’ new The Superior Spider-Man comic, which will replace The Amazing Spider-Man in January.

Marvel Comics have announced that they are canceling The Amazing Spider-Man after issue #700 and replacing it with a new title called The Superior Spider-Man in January. The new comic, which will be penned by regular Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott, will be much “darker,” according to Marvel.

“The one thing that does not go with this Spider-Man is the term ‘Friendly neighborhood.’ No. That’s gone,” Slott told USA Today. “I’ve always been the omniscient hand that’s been protecting Peter Parker and Spider-Man, and not letting anything too bad happen to him, and now I’ve become this cruel god. There’s something exciting about that, about going, ‘Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha, here is what’s going to happen to you, Spider-Man!’ And it’s drastic and it’s big and it’s exciting and it’s never been done before.”

So basically, Spider-Man is a jerk now.

3. Is “The Superior Spider-Man” going to make fun of your clothes and taste in music?

4. Or will he just be really dismissive and rude?

6. Also, Peter Parker is “The Superior Spider-Man”? What exactly are you saying, Marvel?

7. And like, plenty of dark stuff happens to Spider-Man all the time and he’s been cheerful for decades! Isn’t it totally awkward to make him “dark” now?

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