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This Food Test Will Prove If You're A Real New Yorker

If you live in one of the five boroughs, this should be easy.

  1. What is on this bagel?

    Flickr: joebielawa
  2. What is this thing?

    Flickr: donhomer
  3. What is the name of this meal — two hot dogs and a cup of juice?

    Flickr: lwy
  4. Which famous pizza spot is this slice from?
  5. What the hell is this?

    Flickr: 28655296@N05
  6. What food can you always count on being good at a bodega?

    Flickr: paul_lowry
  7. What is this meal?

    Flickr: 68147320@N02
  8. Which steakhouse is this porterhouse from?

    Flickr: 61223211@N00
  9. What sort of food item is this woman posing in front of?

    Flickr: edenpictures
  10. What would you eat in this setting?

    Flickr: jasonparis
  11. Where would you go for a "compost cookie"?

    Flickr: __my__photos
  12. Where would you go to get a babka?

  13. What is this?

    Flickr: davidberkowitz
  14. Which classic NYC burger spot is this cheeseburger from?
  15. Where would you go for borscht?
  16. Where did this woman get a "salty pimp" ice cream cone?

    Flickr: 39908901@N06
  17. What food would you most likely buy and eat on a subway platform?

    Flickr: 3336