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    No Doubt Pulled Their Offensive New Video

    Gwen Stefani dressed up like a Native American stereotype in the clip for "Looking Hot." People got pissed, so they took it off YouTube and Vevo.

    No Doubt's video for "Looking Hot" was only on their official YouTube and Vevo channels for a day before they pulled it due to complaints about their appropriation of Native American imagery. A fan uploaded the video to Daily Motion, so you still check it out, and wonder why they figured they'd get away with this "cowboys and Indians" stuff in 2012.

    They released this message on their website to explain themselves:

    This is actually the second recent pop video to feature a white singer dressed up in stereotypical Native American drag. Lana Del Rey wore a headdress in the baffling, extra-long clip for her new single "Ride."

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